About Just Rare Fish

The team at Just Rare Fish.com is made up of people who, like you, share a passion not only for saltwater fish, but also appreciate the unique and hard-to-find animals. We have travelled far and developed a network of professionals around the world who help bring the super-exotic and the rarest of the rare to you.

The people world-wide who provide the fish like working with us because we understand what quality is and that it has a cost. They know that we are not out looking for the cheapest fish. Our reputation of delivering high-quality and hard-to-find fish has been earned by hard work and a sheer love of the industry, and it shows in the fish that we make available.

Our customers like working with us because we do what we say we are going to do. It takes effort, but each customer is worth it, whether they are looking for a simple Borbonius Anthias, or want to put Clarion Angels and Gem Tangs into their aquarium.

They also like that we are just as forthcoming with bad news as with good news. Our customers like knowing what to expect, both the feel-good as well as the not-so-pretty news.

It’s more than selling fish

A person’s aquarium is more than a glass box full of water and fish. It is a living work of art, and we put a high value on treating it as such.

We will never knowingly sell a sick fish.

If we think a fish will be a bad addition to your tank, we will tell you.

We sell exotic and rare fish. They are not easily replaced. Our purchasing process is done in two steps to help make sure that you are getting the right fish that you will enjoy for a long time. We ship fish quickly to reduce its time in transit and to get it into your hands as happily and in the best health possible.

We look forward to serving you and to building a great relationship with you.