Live Arrival Guarantee

Making sure that you receive a healthy fish for your aquarium is our business. When we ship your fish, we make sure that it is healthy, packed properly, and sent out on time. However, we realize that from time to time, a shipping company may mishandle the box, and what was a healthy fish may not survive the trip.

In the rare occurrence in which the livestock you ordered does not survive, we will issue you a credit toward your next purchase. it is important that you be familiar with the terms and conditions of our guarantee:

• DO NOT discard the deceased animal. Doing so will void all guarantees. You will be sending the animal to us for inspection.
• Shipment must be picked up within three hours of the plane’s landing.
• We must be notified of Dead On Arrival animals within three hours of the plane’s landing.
• Send a digital photograph of the animal to us via email when notifying us of a Dead On Arrival shipment.
• We do not issue credit for shipping costs or refunds for livestock purchases.
• You will receive a livestock credit valid for one year from the date it is issued.
• Livestock credit may be used to replace a lost item or toward any livestock purchase.
• Sharks and certain other animals are not covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee. Check the fish listings for other exclusions.
• If the freight is not picked up, the customer is liable for the full cost of the invoice, including any return freight charges, and voids any and all claims by the purchaser.
• Please see What to do if your fish is DOA for information and instructions.