Shipping Your Fish

When you buy rare fish online with us, we take it straight to the airport to be put on the next flight to your city. Timing is critical when it comes to shipping fish. We want to minimize the time it stays in a box. The more quickly your fish starts getting acclimated to your home aquarium, the better.

We ship via Delta Airlines, and only to locations where Delta Airlines has a cargo pickup. We don’t want your fish sitting in warehouses or going from person to person and from truck to truck. It only adds more time and stresses the fish. If a customer cannot get to a location where they can pick up a cargo shipment through Delta, we will not sell the fish to that person.

Likewise, you will need to be ready to receive your fish. Deliveries must be picked up within three hours of the plane’s arrival time, or the Live Arrival guarantee will be voided. Weather-related delays, mechanical failure etc. which result in loss will not be covered.

See our Live Arrival Guarantee.