Titan Trigger

Pseudobalistes Viridescens Titan Triggers are one of the more personable fish for your saltwater marine aquarium.  Usually a little shy when entering a new tank they quickly become bold and even begin to “recognize” their owner. A very easy to care for saltwater marine fish, The Titan Trigger is a great addition to many non-reef style aquariums.

Semi Lavartus Butterfly

Chaetodon Semilarvatus

Semi Lavartus Butterfly Fish are regarded as one of the better choices for butterfly fish for a saltwater aquarium. Once acclimated they are known to be very bold and active. Most specimens are from the Red Sea.

Like most saltwater fish, Semi Lavartus Butterfly fish demands a very high water quality. The fish like a diet of mysis shrimp and other frozen preparations.

Though not particularly rare, at times semi-lavartus butterflies are hard to come by.

Scribbled Angel

Mainly from The Great Barrier reef and New Caledonia.

These Angel fish like large tanks and especially a few places to hide. Like most Angels this fish will thrive in your tank once adjusted to its surroundings. The larger ones have been known to pick at some of the softer corals.

Scotts Velvet Wrasse

Cirrhilabrus Scottorum

The Scotts Velvet Wrasee, also known as Scotts Fairy Wrasse, comes from Australia and the Great Barrier Reef Region. With its many different colors, ease of care and good disposition the Scotts Wrasse have become a favorite of many saltwater aquarium owners.

Like most Wrasse fishes from The Barrier Reef Area the Scotts Fairy Wrasse is an excellent choice for reef aquariums. The Scotts Wrasse likes a variety of foods. Feed this fish a quality flake food and cut frozen shrimp.

Sailfin Tang

The Sailfin Tang Fish Zebrasoma Veliferum is one of the least aggressive of the species and is a very desirable fish for almost all tanks.

This fish is a frequent swimmer and should be kept in a larger aquarium with plenty of hiding places. Provide Sailfin Tang fish a diet of frozen shrimp and some quality flake food.

Like its cousin, The Red Sea Sailfin Tang fish has the same qualities but only with different coloring.

Regal Angel

Though not particularly rare, the Regal Angel Fish Pygopllites Diacnthus with its alternating colors makes for a colorful addition to saltwater aquariums.

Not easy to care for, The Regal Angel Fish has been known to thrive in reef aquariums. As Regal Angels are known to be “difficult” We recommend this fish to the above average enthusiast only.

Queen Angel

The Queen Angel fish Holocanthus Ciliaris is one of the more hardier fish to be kept in a saltwater aquarium. Ideal for the larger tank (Queen Angel Fish are not the most friendly towards other saltwater fish).

Queen Angels like lots of hiding places and a “Leafy” diet.

Purple Tang

The Purple Tang Zebrasoma Xanthurus is more aggressive then most of the other tang species but normally gets along fairly well with other saltwater fish.

A frequent swimmer, The Purple Tang should have lots of room and a few hiding places for those bashful moments.

Coming from the Red Sea the Purple Tang likes a varied diet that includes frozen and flake foods.

Port Jackson Shark

Port Jackson Heterodontus Portusjacksoni sharks are found off the coast of Australia and Grow to almost 3 feet in length.

Be sure to give these sharks lots of growing room, we do not recommend these for a small tank. Port Jackson Sharks like a meaty diet and are frequent night swimmers.

Nurse Sharks

Ginglymostoma Cirratum

Nurse Sharks are again Legal for sale in the United States, and are becoming more popular.

Being a bottom feeders they are easy to care for and like a meaty diet.

Nurse Sharks should be kept in a large tank preferably with a sandy bottom.