Conspiculatus Angel Fish

Chaetodontoplus conspiculatus

Also known as the Conspic Angel or Spectacled Angel.

The Conspiculatus Angel fish is often described as “The Holy Grail” of angel fish. Its rarity and bold markings make this beauty the crowning jewel in aquariums that are lucky enough to be able to add it and for aquarists who understand what they have.
Conspicualtus Angel fish for sale are usually over 5 inches. Anything smaller than 5 inches is very difficult to obtain. It can grow up to 10 inches.

Conspiculatus Angel fish are only found near Australia, on the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef, east towards New Caledonia and southward to Lord Howe Island. They inhabit deep coral reef areas, hiding under crevices and in caves at depths between 2-60 meters. Adults will be found at even greater depths. Lord Howe Island is a protected area, meaning that no wildlife can be removed.

The adult Conspiculatus Angel fishes blueish-gray with a gold sheen, turning into a dark black along the bottom side. Its yellow face is bright yellow with a blue mouth. The yellow resembles a mask with well marked bright blue rings around the eyes.

Juvenile Conspiculatus Angel fish have a different color pattern (not so different as the Emperor Angel or the Koran Angel, though). Juveniles are dark with a light brown upper body. They don’t have the blue ring around the eye or the yellow patch on the pectoral fin. Their ventral fin has not turned white, yet, so it is black, and colors haven’t developed other parts of the body, yet.

A very bold and beautiful fish, the Conspiculatus Angel fish quickly makes itself the centerpiece of any aquarium. Being one of the rarest varieties of angel fish, it is highly sought after.

how rare is the conspiculatus angel fish?

The Conspiculatus Angel has a very limited distribution. It is only found in the waters of southern Queensland and northern New South Wales in Australia and also at Lord Howe Island and New Caledonia. Lord Howe is a protected area, which means that no wildlife is allowed to be removed from the area.

The Conspiculatus Angel will feel at home in aquariums that are extremely well cared for by hobbyists with successful experience. We recommend this fish ONLY for larger Aquariums. It is a relatively hardy fish in an aquarium if it is given special care.

They eat an omnivorous diet: pellets, flakes, brine shrimp

Minimum Tank Size 180 gallons
72-78┬░F; sg 1.023-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4; dKH 8-12.

The Conspiculatus Angel fish needs several hiding places, room to swim, and an aquarium with well established live rock on which it can graze algae. It usually feeds on microalgae and sponges,
When they are first introduced into the aquarium, it can be difficult to get them to start eating. But once it gets comfortable and starts to eat, over time it will start to accept a wide variety of foods, both vegetable and meat. Make sure that it also gets a lot of algae or Nori offered. Sometimes the fish will suddenly stop eating. Switching food when this happens may help to get it eating again. Let it continue to acclimate and to feel completely at home in the tank, It will eventually work is way though these stages.

Newly introduced fish are susceptible to Ich and fin rot, but it will get better over time in a tank with good water quality. The Conspiculatus Angel fish is sensitive to high levels of copper-based medications, so keep this in mind when choosing quarantine techniques.

The Conspiculatus Angel fish will nip at large-polyped stony corals and some soft corals. It will also eat tridacnid clam mantles, sponges and tunicates. The fish has been observed nipping “feet” off the bottom of star fish. While its natural habitat is coral reefs, it is not a safe fish for a reef aquarium. Being in captivity affects its suitability for reef tank life.

The Conspiculatus Angel fish may be shy at first, but once it feels like it is “at home,” it ventures out and inserts itself into the aquarium community. It holds its own quite well and as rarely bullied by other fish, nor is it aggressive to other fish, except other angels.