Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you guarantee your fish?

We ship with a Live Arrival Guarantee. Making sure that you receive a healthy fish for your aquarium is our business. When we ship your fish, we make sure that it is healthy, packed properly, and sent out on time. However, we realize that from time to time, a shipping company may mishandle the box, and what was a healthy fish may not survive the trip, and we have procedures in place just in case there is a fish that is “Dead on Arrival.”

How do I receive my fish?

We ship airport-to-airport via Delta Cargo. We want to minimize the amount of time your fish is in a box, so we provide you with all of the arrival information, including the airway bill number, which you will need in order to pick up your fish at the airport. We will also let you know how much shipping is so that you can pay for the shipping when you pick up your fish.

What about other airlines?

We are considering other airlines. To date, Delta Cargo has been the most consistent, reliable, and successful option for us, and especially with shipping rare fish, these are very important qualities to us.

Do you ship to remote locations?

If Delta can get your fish there quickly and safely with little or no stress to the fish, then we can ship it there. Shipping fish is different from most other cargo, and comes with a lot of considerations. Part of our scheduling process includes looking at the transit details. We look at the flights and connections, how long a fish will sit in a warehouse or tarmac between flights, and other details, even what kind of plane the fish will be flying in. If we do not feel confident that the fish will arrive in great condition, we do not ship to that airport.

Can you ship with FedEx or UPS?

While it is possible to ship via FedEx, UPS, or a number of other shipping companies, it adds a considerable amount of time to how long a fish is sitting inside a box, sometimes overnight or even full days. Also, the more hands a box goes through, the bigger chance of damage and/or loss.

Since these are rare fish, it is not as simple as just sending another fish to replace a lost or damaged fish. Shipping airport to airport keeps the amount of time a fish spends in transit to a minimum, keeping stress to a minimum, and giving you the best rate of success with your new fish.